Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Food post!!

Went to holland v for dinner! And the family decided on having Mexican food for dinner!!  
We ate at el patio! 

Since we dint know what was good we just randomly ordered!!  
While we were waiting for our food, we even had nachos to much on!! Yum yum!! 

They had really beautiful table cloths!!^^ 

We had tacos and other stuffs (which I dint manage to take a picture of cause everyone was too hungry and started attacking the food after it was placed on the table!) HAHAH!! 
Oh the chicken wings w their special sauce was the most delicious thing ever!!! It was sooo good! I'm salivating thinking about it!! Heh!! 


And on Wednesday. Went to Ann Siang Hill! 
Shots cafe. 

Had a cup of latte each, shared a scone and a slice of matcha azuki cake! 
The scone was de-li-cious. Really buttery with a hint of saltiness. 
But I was rather disappointed w the matcha azuki cake though.. It was rather dry and was a little overpriced.
But overall it was a really nice quiet cafe to sit and chat!! 


Next is Kki / The Little Drom Store
Okay this place I reallllllyyyy recommend!! 
One side is Kki, which sells deserts. The other side is The Little Drom Store selling really vintage stuffs! 

Some pictures of the store first!! 

Look at those!!! It's the cutest plates I've ever seen!!! Really wanted to buy one for myself but it was really expensive!! So all I could do was to snap a picture! 

And this is what we had...

Really expensive but so worth every freaking cent!!! ( it's $9.90 btw) 
The dark chocolate is just bitter and sweet at the same time. And it just melts in my mouth!! Really good!! 
I really want to go back there again to try the other deserts there!!~ heh 


After that it was time to walk around to take pictures!! 


And just now we went to upper east coast road for dinner! 
Don't know how but we ended up there and we decided to have German food for dinner!! At Werner's oven!

My bretzel! 

We had German pork susages and pork knuckles! 
It was reallllyyy good!! There was some seasoned salad/veg (beside the mashed potatoes) I really don't know what's that but it was really good!! I ate that first and it really opened my appetite! Heh!!! 
Then we went over to Udders!

Seriously man. Why haven't I gone there before!!  IT WAS SOOO GOOD!!! 
the waffle was soo fluffy and soft! And the ice cream!!! Was just SHIOK. 
I love everything chocolate and sweet. love. 

Saturday, 5 October 2013

It's one of those lonely and sentimental nights for me.. again. 
Sitting at my desk attempting to study on a Saturday night, while scolling twitter and Instagram, feeling envious of people having a great Saturday night.   
I miss those large outings me and my friends used to have. 
Now a days everyone is sooo busy with there own stuffs that we don't meet at all.. 

These people I have around me now... My friends...
Will our friendship last? Or will the flame be gone after a few years? 
Yeah I may have many friends but I can easily say that 80% are hi-byes, or on the road of becoming hi-byes.
The though of it makes me so upset. 
Maybe the problem lies in me. 
I must be such a insignificant person that no one remembers or I'm just a really horrible person that no one wants to remember or stay friends with... 


Honestly.. Uni life made me lonelier than ever.  
Sure.. I made lots of friends, but hi-byes. 
Every lecture/tutorial I'm seeing a different group of people..
I miss being surrounded by my classmates all the time. 
No one seem to genuinely care anymore. 
It's me against the world....


Recently I've encountered and realised something. 
Like how ugly people can be inside. And how selfish one can become. 
It's scary thinking how actually there are many people like that around us... 


 I'm not sure why am I being like this tonight...